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GS/RL Incremental Linear Encoder

Oil Resistance, High Elastic, Anti-Aging & Protecting seals

  • The plastic seals are using our innovative material to offer superior oil resistancd, high elastic recovery properties and high durability, carefully designed lips geometry offer low slides resistance.

The Most Advanced Optical Measuring System

  • The sliding construction of read head is adopted the most reliable and durable design of 5 piece bearing to ensure the optical sensor can slide smoothly and stably on encoder.
  • The spring's geometrical design is analyzed preciously by mechanic mold and makes of high quality steel spring from Germany. To ensure the optical sensor system could slide closely and no any pulsation under high speed move.
  • All bearings meet P5 level of Japanese JIS spec, to ensure slide smoothly, low pulsation and durable.
  • Adopt high-effective AIGaAs infrared emitter make in USA. strong and stable signal and reliable.